Yuen Solutions

Yuen Solutions is a state of the art web and engineering solutions provider in a dynamic and technology-driven global market. Our approach to web programming and process control engineering is based on flexibility, quality and innovation where quality is the first priority with consideration of time and cost to you. We provide quality solutions to world-wide clients and we can scale our efforts to precisely meet your needs in the most efficient, effective way.

Web Programming

We specialize in interactive database-driven websites that are highly scalable and easy to use. Please learn more about our web programming capabilities.

Process Control Engineering

Let us improve your DCS or advanced controls. Please learn more about our process control engineering capabilities.

Ask for a Quote

Please contact us to discuss your web programming or process control needs. Please contact us.


SQL Server Database

Microsoft's SQL Server is a truly enterprise scale relational database. Your web application can retreive from a table containing hundreds of thousands of records apparently as quickly as from a small database.

Learn how we can help you implement SQL Server in your website.

Advanced Process Control

Implement multivariable constraint optimizing controllers on your process. Ensure your process always operates at its most profitable point.

Learn how we can help you with your advanced control project.
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